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Bath spring breeze,Greet 2012 Chinaplas

Let flowers blossom, birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers, with the steps of spring 26th China international plastic rubber industry exhibition held in Shanghai grandly, our company in extrusion machinery area W2 hall, cover 192 square meters of exhibition booth, has the domestic well-known official contractor for my company design exhibition booth. Including the chairman of the company, 30 employees attend this Chinese plastics machinery industry exhibition.
Our company shows recently developed PET sheet material production line. This production line is domestic initiative, independent research and development. The machine high degree of automation, energy conservation and environmental protection, high efficiency, the craft is advanced. The machine appearance beautiful, 100% recycled material no need dry, nor crystallization, high yield, environmental protection, and other characteristics attracted numerous visitors from domestic and abroad .
Our company devotes to the plastic machinery industry more than 20 years, has the rich experience and research strength. our company has energy conservation and environmental protection design concept ,at the same time, greatly enhance the comprehensive performance of the machine, cost-effective. Through the CHINAPLAS platform, our company show strong comprehensive strength and synchronize with the world technology innovation ability to customers in domestic and abroad, and through talked with customer we have a new idea for the design of the product, not only obtained excellent promotion effect, but also CHINAPLAS and the world witnessed the growth of our company.

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