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Film simultaneous stretch line, BOPET,BOPP...


BOPET film line

The BOPET film line is developed by our company by using word advanced technology and spare parts. It has the advantages of advanced performance, high speed, stable production ,and long production life and so on.

Stone paper, Synthetic paper production line


BOPP Film Line

BOPP film is known as “packaging queen”, it has many good characters, like gas barrier performance, good glossiness, strong tension strength and modulus of elasticity. Three layers BOPP film can be as different performances film through changing f

PVB Film Line

PVB film with performance of wear resistant high safety coefficient, effective sound insulation , widely use automobile industry and construction industry.

CPP Film Line

Compared with LLDPE/LDPE/HDPE/PET/PVG, CPP film has the advantages of lower cost, higher output, higher stiffness than PE film, better barrier property for water and peculiar smell. CPP film also has various applications: it can be used as
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