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PET sheet extrusion line

PET sheet extrusion line can use 100% recycled material, no need crystallization unit. PET plastic sheet production line, developed and made by our company,has the compact equipments structure and good performance ,its screw and barrel ,reasonably des

Multi-layer co-extrusion sheet & plate extrusion line

Multi-layer co-extruding sheet&plate line can produce various material compound sheet &plate , PP/EVA/EVOH/PP; PP/PE/PS; PMMA/ABS and so on. Multi-layer co-extruding sheet&plate is widely used in food pac...

Single layer sheet extrusion line

Our company's single layer sheet production line can produce various materials sheet ,for example PU, ABS, PP, PE, PS , the equipment has the following advantages: Screw adopts specia...

PVC woodfoam sheet extrusion line

The production line is developed in our company for many years on the basis of plate successfully developed. PVC Wood-plastic foam have the advantages of wood, not only have the appearance of natural wood,...

PEPVC Online Laminate Sheet Extrusion Line

PE / PVC online laminate sheet extrusion production extrude sheet and laminate film on sheet at the same time , coated sheet look beautiful and dignity after lamination, the film have protective effect for the sheet’s surfa...

PC hollow sheet extrusion

The production line is used to produce pc hollow sheet.The product is widely used in construction light board decoration,advertising ,high way sound prove and so on.PC hollow sheet is light,sturdy.We offer several width and output pr...
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