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Take part in 19th Thailand international Plastic exhibition

In June 2010 24-27 June held in Bangkok Thailand's international exhibition of plastic and Southeast Asia and the most influential international plastic, rubber industry exhibition, so far, has held the 18th session. This exhibition together more than 35,000 from asean countries, as well as the buyers from 15 countries, including 350 international brands from Japan, Matsui, Nissei Toyo McTechnos and associates, and from the United States, South Korea Woojin Gala from China, and many of the machinery industry association.
Mr. Song who is the international trade department in our company With the development of SJ65 single screw extruder attended the international exhibition of Thailand, the company produces the SJ65 single screw extruder has strict control precision, air-cooled &water-cooled combined cooling, unique in design, with perfect water-cooling device, professional tramp trapezoid groove design bushing. The surface with groove of feeding tube, enhance the function of feeding speed, high speed for the extruder, obtained unanimous favorable comment of the participants, superb technology for cooperation has laid a good foundation.
During the exhibition, the international plastic also participate in our watching and learning how to present a: plastic and green energy together, how to create more secure more sustainable environment protection project, for future development, business investment company and customer development and technical communication provides a new platform and ideas.
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