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Take part in Iran’s International Exhibition of Plastics and Plastic production

Lucy and Martin who worked in our company’s foreign trade department take part in seventh International Exhibition of Plastics and Plastic production hold in Tehran between june 23 2010 to june 26 2010.
Iran’s seventh International Exhibition of Plastics and Plastic production hole by Tehran international trade and exhibition company is one of the middle east and gulf region’s biggest exhibition in the plastic industry.
In recent years ,rapid development of Iran’s petrochemical industry ,the output of no-oil product is growing . In accordance with the National Iranian Petrochemical Industry Development Plan, 2015, Iran produced petrochemical products will reach 65 million tons, production value will exceed 200 billion, including polymers and plastics products, production capacity will reach 11 million tons. At present Iran produces only 800,000 tons of polymer and plastic products and
processing capacity only 1 million tons / year. Thus, Iran is the initial stage of plastic processing industry will be large-scale petrochemical plants with the next few years, the continuous production and entered a period of rapid growth, the productive capacity of its plastics industry from the current 0.5% of world total increased to 3.8%. Iran is out of our market diversification strategy and to the strategic focus areas, It is also an important country in the Middle East trade partner. Chinese goods with high quality and suitable price, high in the Iranian market acceptance, market share increase year by year, our company's plastic products and plastic machinery in Iran also have a higher acceptance of the prospect and of a more wide, the product gain the high appraisal from the domestic and international industry alike.
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