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Shunde Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd: Building first-class enterprise

Qingdao Shunde Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was established 16 years ago. With continuous increasing scientific and technological innovation, it has been named as high-tech enterprise by Qingdao municipal government, becoming one of top fifty private enterprises, Qingdao, Shandong, China Patent Star Enterprise, Ministry of Construction to promote scientific research projects focus on the completion of unit. They have developed 20 new products such as the environmentally friendly PP super-thick (60 mm) sheet production line, PVC wood-plastic sheet production line, PE rod (plastic fender) production line, wood-plastic door production line and PP-R pipe, PVC panels, most of which filled the domestic blank, and obtained many national patents.
At present, Qingdao Shunde Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., with leading position, has become one of the companies having new chemical building materials production equipment and products of different varieties and have big market share in industry, which due much to its long-term commitment to the technology-based idea.
Products development of PP-R pipe production line, PVC foam pipe production line and PVC sheathed pipe production line communications, as well as the wood-plastic production lines that are recently developed, are all hot products in market. Mr. Zhao Gui Xu tells the secret: serious and careful organize of market research before a new project is a must.
Prospect for the domestic plastic processing industry is getting better and price war is inevitable in plastic machinery industry. But Zhao Gui Xu said that Qingdao Shunde Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. will never lower the level of in the competition, and will still consider product quality as top priority.
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