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Introduction about Reinforced plastic molding method

To further improve the thermoset and the mechanical properties of thermoplastics,Often add in the plastic glass fiber (referred to as fiberglass), talc, mica, calcium carbonate, kaolin, carbon fiber as the reinforcing material and binder resin as the matrix formed new composite material, known as reinforced plastics (such as ring epoxy resin as the matrix resin, plastic, fiberglass reinforced plastic also known as)
As the plastic glass fiber mixed species, length, content is different, the process of sexual and physical properties was different . The following introduces the use of thermosetting reinforced plastic molding and injection of the thermoplastic reinforced plastic
1. Reinforced thermosetting plastics
Reinforced thermosetting plastics is Composed by resin, reinforcements and additives. Resin as a binder and mother, it requires good mobility and proper curing rate, less by-product, easy to adjust the viscosity and good compatibility, and meet the requirement of molding plastic parts and forming. Reinforcement acts as a framework, its many varieties and specifications, but the commonly used glass fiber, the general amount of 60%, 15 ~ 20 mm in length. Additives include regulation of viscosity of the diluent (fiberglass and resin to improve the bond), to regulate resin - the state of the glass fiber interface surface treatment agent and to improve liquidity, reduce shrinkage, improve other fillers and coloring agents used for gloss and wear resistance. As the use of resin, glass fiber specifications (length, diameter, alkali or alkali, such as number of shares, twisted or untwisted), surface treatment agent, glass fiber and resin mixing process (pre-mixed method or pre (TodayHot) leaching, various plastic is while the performance ratio is also different.
Processing characteristics
(1)Enhance the flow of liquid feed pressure of plastic worse than general pressure plastic, the mobility is too large ,easy to produce resin and glass separately accumulated loss,if it is too small the molding pressure and temperature will significantly increase. Many factors affect the liquidity necessary to assess the mobility of certain materials, must be formed for specific analysis.
(2)Shrinkage shrinkage of reinforced plastics plastic than the average pressure is small, it is mainly contracted by the composition and chemical structure of heat shrink. plastic species is the first factors affecting contraction. Generally it is more than the epoxy phenolic, epoxy phenolic, unsaturated polyester, in which shrinkage of unsaturated polyester material is minimum. Other factors is the shrinkage of the shape and thickness of plastic parts, the thick wall The large contraction, Plastic filler and glass fiber containing a small volume shrank shrank large, volatile matter content is also large then shrink large, forming pressure, loading volume is contraction of small, hot stripping stripping than the cold shrink large, insufficient curing contraction of large, when the compression molding time and temperature appropriate curing time is adequate and uniform shrinkage. Different parts of the same plastic shrink its vary, particularly more prominent in thin-walled plastic parts. General shrinkage was 0 to 0.3% in which 0.1% ~ 0.2% of the majority, shrink the size of the mold structure with a word to determine shrinkage factors should be taken into account.
(3)Compression ratio enhanced the specific volume of material, the compression ratio is higher than normal pressure plastic, premix is greater, so in the mold design required to take a larger loading chamber, while the loading is also more difficult to mold, especially premixed material is more inconvenient, but the use of materials such as billet is pre-compression molding process can be significantly reduced
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